Sebastian Urban

5 Reasons Why I Think DuckDuckGo Is Better Than Google (as a developer)

Published 26 April 2020 4 min read
Image by: Manfred Richter

After using DuckDuckGo for a while, I have noticed that there are features that Google does not have, and a lot of them are especially useful for developers.

I value your time and if you do not want to read the entire post but just want to get into the nitty-gritty, then I have included a TL;DR version at the bottom.

Here is a list of features that are useful but are missing in Google:

  1. Cheatsheets
  2. Quick Stackoverflow answer access
  3. "Is down?"
  4. Password generator
  5. Lorep Ipsum Generator
  6. Figlet Text (Bonus)

1. Quick access to cheatsheets

This one is my favourite. You can access many cheatsheets very quickly by simply searching "<name here> cheatsheet". For example:

I don't know them all but here (in no particular order) is a list of the ones I have tried:

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Swarm
  • npm
  • NodeJS
  • Css
  • Html
  • Tmux
  • Intellij
  • Powershell
  • Cmd
  • Unix
  • Visual Studio
  • VS Code
  • Atom
  • Sublime
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Windows 10
  • MacOs
  • Linux
  • Latex

View Git Cheatsheet

2. Stackoverflow answers right on search results page

When searching for a programming related question, very often you will find answer on stackoverflow so many of the search results will be links to stackoverflow website. If stackoverflow has an answer that has been accepted by the community, DuckDuckGo will show it's content on the right hand side of the screen, next to your search results. This way you can view the answer without having to go to the website.

View Stackoverflow Example

3. Is website down?

Sometimes we try to access a website and for whatever reason, and it doesn’t work. We could try to "ping it" but at this point we are most likely already in a browser which means we would have to open CLI and ping the website to see its status. Instead, you can search “is <website name> down" and it will show you whether the website is working or not.

Check If GitHub Is Down

4. Password Generator

Another nice feature on DDG is generating passwords. We can specify length of the password (between 8 and 64 characters) and we will get a randomly generated password.

I would not suggest using this in real applications, some other alternatives may be much better and possibly more secure, but for development and testing environments this may be useful.

Search “10 password” to get 10 character-long auto generated password or "35 password" to get a 35 character-long password - You get the gist.

DuckDuckGo Password Generator

5. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Many front-end developers use Lorem Ipsum during development as dummy text on their websites. The reason being is that it's formatted like actual text, with correct word spacing and paragraphs.

You can generate lorem ipsum paragraphs using DuckDuckGo. Simply search “10 paragraphs of lorem ipsum” to get 10 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum or "20 paragraphs of of Lorem Ipsum" and you will get 20 paragraphs... You get it.

Lorem Ipsum in DuckDuckGo

6. FIGlet Text (Bonus)

I admit, the last one is not that useful but it sure is cool! I’m positive you have seen FIGlet text before and if you haven't, then you're welcome. Search "Figlet <font type> <word you want to generate>" to get your figlet formatted text.

For example: "figlet banner hello world" will generate the following:

Figlet text in DuckDuckGo


Here is a list of features that are useful but are missing in Google:

  1. Cheatsheets - View Git Cheatsheet
  2. Quick Stackoverflow answer access - View Stackoverflow Example
  3. "Is down?" - Check If GitHub Is Down
  4. Password generator (8 - 64 characters long) - DuckDuckGo Password Generator
  5. Lorep Ipsum Generator - Lorem Ipsum in DuckDuckGo
  6. Figlet Text (Bonus) - Figlet text in DuckDuckGo

That's all. I hope you found these useful.

If I missed anything, you have anything to add or simply want to discuss any developer related topic just tweet me @seburbandev or email me - I would love to hear your thoughts!